Home free! 09/23/2009
Well someone was listening because I got my wish, although it's not really the way I expected it to be fulfilled.  Last week I lost my job unexpectedly.  But I also have to move out of my apartment into a new place or tuck my tail between my legs and move in with my parents to regroup.  So I have been packing, looking for a new job and a new apartment, and I have not been creating aprons, until today!!  Today, as soon as I am done sharing with you, I will GET TO WORK!!  I have an interview on Friday and really hope that I do not have to leave Philadelphia, even though I do miss my family.  Tough choices!  That will not stop me from creating aprons and showing them in all of the new places I have been invited.  I was sitting here editing my site when I started thinking about all the things I love about Philadelphia.  So I decided to make a list and share the links with you!!  Each item will be linked to it's website so you can CHECK IT OUT!!  - I am getting so savvy with the web site creating!!

Reading Terminal Markets  This is like an indoor flea market of FOOD!!  Everything imaginable that is Philadelphia and some that is not.  There is DiNics for the BEST Roast Pork ever!!  Termini's for cannoli's to die for and all other baked goods and pastries,

DiBruno's  Cheese & Italian foods specialty shop. Ok they have a store in Rittenhouse - BUT PLEASE PLEASE go to the one in the Italian Markets because it's better.  I swear you will think you have traveled back in time when you shop here.  The smell is unbelieveable!!  The cheese the salami's, the olives, EVERYTHING!!


Ok the site is acting up, I'll come back later.

Post Title. 08/05/2009
I am having an awful day because I cannot focus on my boring work, instead I want to be home creating new aprons with the new fabrics I bought in NJ last weekend.  I discovered 2 really cute quilt shops that sell tons of cotton fabric.  I probably bought too much but is there such a thing?

If anyone out there who creates anything at all  knows what I am going through, please send me some encouraging words.  I am sinking in a pit of hell and dispair called paperwork and I just want to go home!!  Send me a funny joke or some words of support!!  I am in administrative hell!!

Rainy day 08/02/2009
Today I am headed to New Jersey to shop for fabric.  It was raining quite hard and thunder and lightning, but I waited for it to calm down and I'll be leaving soon. I picked up some cute Elvis fabric on Fabric Row yesterday.  I have discovered that the selection of cotton is small and will not be going there very often, but oneshop does sell lots of ribbon and the blades for myrotary cutter so I won't have to go all the way to the suburbs to get them anymore.

I have all of my completed aprons on Etsy now so please take a look.  I got lucky and managed to pick up two skirt forms, like half dressmaker forms.  They are antiques and really cool, but most of all absolutely perfect for showcasing the aprons.

I hope everyone is having a really nice relaxed Sunday!

Take a look at this blog, I love it!!!


Joy is absolutely a delight.  She's cute, funny, normal, someone you want to be friends with.  Her recipes re pretty good too, I've made a few of them.

I can't believe I have a website! Ok a partial website, but a website nonetheless.  About a year ago I got an idea to try to make aprons and sell them.  I had tried my hand at quilting, but wanted to do something quicker.  I love cotton printed fabric and this was the perfect way to mix and match fun prints that seemed to big for a quilt, or too bright to make into apparel.  It turned out to be a lot more fun than I imagined.  I started collecting fabrics, ribbons, and books about aprons.  I researched them online and websites like Etsy.  Then I created a pattern striving to be traditional and yet different from what I had seen already done - no I am not the first person to try making and selling aprons!  I do think my designs and fabric combinations are different from what is already out there.  I will be working on getting pictures of fabric swatches up on here, as well as ordering information as soon as possible.  I hope you enjoy my creations. I look forward to sharing them with you as well as other bits of interesting things I come across like recipes, craft show dates and locations and other stuff!

First Post! 07/21/2009
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